What Now with Oroco

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Just a few days ago, investors were very busy buying/selling and discussing events surrounding Oroco. The hits to my website exploded more than 10x during those days. Now things are quiet again. Perfect time to buy shares from the hands that constantly need to be stimulated with news and activity.

Now that the legals are behind and trading is quiet, here is what is coming next.

This is from the company’s investor presentation. The compliant 43-101 is coming. Then, I believe that company will complete the definition and step-out drilling. This is when things will get exciting again because drilling results will keep people stimulated.

While waiting for 43-101 or any other news may seem like being stuck in traffic, we are about to get moving again. Then, everybody and their brother will want to jump in. The stock price will overshoot to the upside again (hopefully around $1.50 per share) and settle down again to level below the new peak. But once we get drilling, then the time frames that we will be stuck in traffic waiting for news will be shortened. There will be plenty of drilling results to constantly report to stimulate investors and possible acquirers.

Disclosure: Long Oroco

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