NASCAR Return May 17 Good for Dover Motorsports

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NASCAR just announced that it will resume racing on May 17. This should be fantastic news for Dover Motorsports which I covered here.

The company also reported its Q1.

“Our May NASCAR weekend has been postponed. While we do not yet have a date for the rescheduling of our races, we know NASCAR is continually working on contingency plans to run all previously scheduled events. It is possible that our May NASCAR Cup Series event will be moved to August and that we hold a double header with back to back NASCAR Cup Series events held on Saturday and Sunday. It is also possible that none of these events are held or that they are held without fans present in the stands.”

Dover holds two NASCAR races. One in May and one in October. As you can see the May one may or may not happen. It is happens, then it happens. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t.

Overall, this news is good. We will have to wait to see how the stock reacts, if at all, tomorrow.

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