About Mariusz Skonieczny
Mariusz Skonieczny is the founder of Classic Value Investors.

How do You Hide Inflation?

May 17, 2016 0

Simple. You charge the same amount of money for less product. My girlfriend came home from grocery shopping and she informed me that first they are phasing out the 40 to 36-tampon products. Then, they […]

We Have a Facebook Page

May 17, 2016 0

After years of just having this website, I decided to create Facebook page for Classic Value Investors. If you are interested, please visit it at facebook.com/classicvalueinvestors and give me a like.

The Party Already Started

April 20, 2016 0

After five years of constant pain in the mining sector, things are looking much better. Actually, the party is in full swing while everybody else is not even aware. Some of the stocks that I […]

Even Cramer Now Likes Gold

February 19, 2016 0

For years there was nothing but hate towards gold. Well, now even Cramer wants to get in on the action. Let the herd step in.

Due Diligence: How to Research a Stock

February 13, 2016 0

Due Diligence: How to Research a Stock is a straightforward guide to the process of effectively researching potential stock market opportunities. The method featured in this book is the one developed and used by the author […]

The Market Crashing is Transitory

February 11, 2016 0

This the kind of picture that we see on CNBC today. The markets are continuing to crash. I keep asking my friends what their financial advisors are telling them and pretty much all of them […]

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