The Surprising Winners And Losers Of The Global Oil Glut

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I am sitting in front of the computer on Sunday night and boom the price of oil is collapsing. WTI is at $15 per barrel. Tomorrow the tankers are either going to be up or down hugely. I say down because they might go down with oil. They shouldn’t but in this market nothing would surprise me. Here are two paragraphs that say it all from the article on

“The biggest winners in the current market situation are the owners of storage capacity—onshore and offshore. Storage has been the most sought-after ‘commodity’ in the energy market in the past month as demand was crashing, and supply was rising.

Offshore, traders are scrambling to book floating storage, and charter rates for supertankers are skyrocketing. Storage costs are surging, and so are costs for chartering tankers to store oil at sea for future sales when traders expect demand to recover from the pandemic-hit plunge.”

To read the article, click here.

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