Forbidden Article – Do Not Read It

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I started Classic Value Investors in the middle of 2008/2009 financial crisis. This is also when I wrote my first book.

During my early years, I submitted my articles to various websites such as Gurufocus and Seeking Alpha. After some time I stopped submitting them. (The articles of mine that you see on Seeking Alpha today were not submitted by me. Seeking Alpha takes some of them directly from my website). Today, I got reminded by Seeking Alpha of why I stopped submitting my articles in the first place.

A couple of days ago, I published “Fight between the bulls and bear of the oil tanker stocks continues.” It was a hugely popular post. At the same time, I submitted it to Seeking Alpha. Today, I was informed that the editorial team declined it because of the sarcastic and disrespectful wording.

So please do not read it because I will offend and disrespect you.

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