Aztec Copper Funeral

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After years of the legal battle, the date of Aztec Copper Funeral has been set. To understand just how significant Oroco’s most recent press release is, I have to take you through the legal journey all the way from the beginning.

To summarize everything in one paragraph, think of it like this. There are three parties.

Party 1: Oroco = Mr. Rodriquez = Altamura. They are all the same

Party 2: Fierce Investments

Party 3: Aztec Copper

Obviously, Oroco controls Oroco because Oroco is Oroco. Over time, Oroco gained control over Fierce Investments. And now with the most recent press release, Oroco will own and control Aztec Copper. This means Aztec Copper is finished and funeral date has been set.

Ok, now let’s go on over the legal journey.


In 2002, Santo Tomas was owned 100 percent by Compania Minera Ruero (“CMR”), a Mexican Company, incorporated on June 12, 2002. CMR was and is the current registered owner of Santo Tomas Core concessions (orange on the map).

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