Value Investing University DVD Collection

I am pleased to announce that I have just released the Value Investing University DVD Collection.

Over the course of several years, I have received many e-mails about value investing. Some people have even offered to fly from other countries in order for me to teach them what I know about value investing. As you may know, I have a very deep passion for value investing and I love to share my knowledge with others. For this reason, I decided to create the Value Investing University DVD Collection, which consists of 10 DVDs on various subjects such as finding great investment ideas, performing due diligence, valuing companies, and understanding accounting.

The reason why I chose a video format is because there is just so much to show you. Value investing books are great but they are limiting. This is true especially of books such as Security Analysis or The Intelligent Investor. When these books were written, there was no Internet. Today, value investors have so many more resources than ever before, but no one is teaching people how to use them.

Because of this, value investors are on their own in their quest to learn about how to use the many resources available today in order to become better value investors. It is my intent that my Value Investing University DVD Collection change that. Through my DVD collection, I teach you about various value investing topics in two ways. Throughout the videos, I talk in front of the camera about a topic, and then, I show you on my computer screen how I perform due diligence, value a company, or find great investment ideas.

Click HERE to learn how you can get them or about what they are.


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